Wednesday, 6 July, 2022

Shokh back to work with multiple projects

Popular actress and model Anika Kabir Shokh has returned to the showbiz arena after over two years break. She was seen in multiple TV shows, including dramas, magazine programme and dance shows on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Shokh starrer tele-dramas-‘Fatafati Prem’, ‘Bagh O Baghini’ and ‘Data Hatem Tai’ were shown in different TV channels. She has also performed in three dance shows on BTV, Channel 9 and ATN Bangla. The actress was also seen in the magazine show ‘Ami Kotha Bolte Chai’ on ATN Bangla.    

Shokh said, “I have worked on Eid dramas without any plan. It was great that I’ve acted in three good story-based dramas. As a dancer, I’ve also performed in three dance shows for different TV channels. I have participated in an Eid special magazine programme with my co-actors. All in all this Eid was very special for me. Because, this is my first Eid with my daughter.”  

Shokh became popular in the media industry through her performance in Banglalink Desh TVC. Then, she appeared in many TVCs and dramas. Her popular dramas are-‘FNF’, ‘Fifty Fifty’, ‘Diba Ratri Khola Thake’, ‘Rong’, and ‘College’. Her first movie was ‘Bolona Tumi Amar’.

The actress tied the knot with Rahman Jon on May 12, 2020. After getting married to Jon, Shokh took a long break from her career to focus on family life.