Thursday, 7 July, 2022

Emphasising Quality Education at Primary Level

Md. Shafiqul Islam

Emphasising Quality Education at Primary Level
Md. Shafiqul Islam

Since I was a kid, I've been told that becoming a teacher is an honorable job. I can see that society and the residents of the nation are giving value to teachers more highly. However, does my country have the capacity to treat teachers with real respect?  Developed and developing nations have given more salary to the teachers. Teachers in our nation are given fewer financial facilities than in other countries. Every child's official education begins at the elementary school level. These educators have a huge impact on the lives of the students. There is no denying that teachers at the elementary school level play an important role in their pupils' mental and social development. Children with a soft heart might be inspired to hope for a brighter future by their primary school teachers. But these teachers are discriminated in the society. However, other occupations that need the same degree of education might expect to earn more money. SSC (3/4 years Agriculture Diploma) in 10th grade is required for recruitment to the Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer job. Union Secretary is a 10th-grade position that requires a high school certificate. Administrative officers in ministries are also paid the equivalent of a 10th-grade pay with a qualification-graduation. Why are Primary school teachers being paid in the 13th grade? With the same credentials, 10th-grade teachers are paid the same amount as their secondary-level counterparts. As a result, there is a degree of inequity. Emotional breakdowns have resulted in the teachers being unable to earn a livelihood in society on this income.

Is it possible for teachers to educate well if they are unable to earn a living? They're in big danger, in my opinion. So, it's time to put in the effort. There have been considerable improvements to elementary education and an increase in funding for the sector because of the government's policies. As a result, I'd like to request the Prime Minister to give a little thought to primary-school teachers. You can help us meet the needs of our teachers to the best of your ability. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founder of our country, was a huge fan of teachers and valued them much.

No sustainable growth can be achieved without enhancing the quality of educational opportunities. Education funding must be increased, and qualified educators must be recruited. To find and hire the best teachers, enough resources must be made available. As a result, I believe that deserving individuals will be more inclined to take up a teaching position at a primary-level educational institution.

The main educational institution is where the pupils' foundations are built. In other words, if there is a shortfall in establishing a solid foundation, pupils will bear the consequences for the rest of their life. When it comes to the lifespan of a structure, for example, the strength of its foundation is a major factor. This means that elementary school education must be restructured. To further solidify this foundation, nothing beats a well-trained and experienced educator. As a result, it is imperative that teachers of high caliber be hired and provided a reasonable remuneration. Inequality makes it difficult to put in place a decent education system. Therefore, the authorities must devise a well-thought-out strategy. Allegations have surfaced that elementary school teachers' application questions have been leaked. As a result, the appointment of teachers must be free of any kind of corruption or nepotism. In the future, many teachers will be hired. As a result, the level of oversight by the relevant authorities must be enhanced to ensure that no questions are leaked by dishonest persons.

Primary assistant teachers earn 29,000 rupees per month in India, our neighboring nation. In Bangladesh, a total of 16,250 taka is provided. So, how can you find a good primary school teacher? Moreover, are the kids receiving quality instruction? So, teachers' wages must be raised to keep up with inflation.

Furthermore, I've heard that Assistant Teachers have been denied the ability to apply for departmental candidacy in the 2019 draft rules. Which is presently nearing completion? That is, cut off teachers' rights in the draft rules. All government agencies have access to this service. Many assistant teachers who passed the departmental test were given the option to apply for positions such as headmaster, PTI instructor, and so on. They were successful. As a result, everyone felt motivated to do their homework. Departmental candidacy is the only way to find and hire the best teachers. Without the option of departmental nomination, assistant teacher positions will become a block position, which will de-motivate rather than relieve teachers of their workload. As a result, they will be less motivated to learn and may even exhibit instructional deficiencies.

There is new salary scale is going to be paid to the assistant teachers of primary education. Despite this, not all assistant teachers will be eligible for a wage allowance in this new grade. Because of this, there is a new level of resentment and fury among teachers. To choose a high-quality primary school teacher, consideration must be given to factors such as comparing teachers' grades to other employment, promotions, etc. Eventually, an assistant teacher will be able to determine for himself who would be the head teacher or assistant Upazila education officer, based on their respective credentials. In spite of this, we anticipate that the elimination of wage inequity should be given the highest priority. It would be a monumental choice if it were to be enacted.


The writer is Associate Professor, Dept. of Accounting & Information Systems, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Bangladesh