Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

For a less troublesome Eid journey

For a less troublesome Eid journey

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It is a common scenario in our country that people make their way to homes ahead of Eids every year to share their joy and happiness with near and dear ones, no matter how much suffering they have to face. Since the movement of people was restricted in the last two years, it is estimated by different organisations that the highest-ever holiday-makers will leave the capital during this Eid. The long queues in Kamalapur Railway Station to buy advance train tickets also acknowledge the fact.

In most cases, the ticket seekers’ sufferings know no bounds. People are seen waiting even for more than twenty four hours at the station to purchase desired tickets. Many of them do not get desired tickets after waiting for a long time, while some others were seen coming to the station with all required arrangements to stay there until buying tickets. The facts insisting home goers endure the pain most are the fear of possible traffic jams on roads, the experience of the increased road accidents during Eid and the anarchy of bus owners who raise bus fares by two to three times ahead of Eid.

Therefore, ensuring better alternative modes of transportation for the home-bound people can be an option for the authorities to ease excessive pressure on the railway. If the number of buses is increased, fare fixed, road safety ensured and traffic congestion reduced, people’s rush to railway stations may reduce to some extent. Besides, the time has come to think of declaring the Eid holiday in phases.

The key solution, however, is lying with the mindset of the common people. It is illogical for home goers to keep their unemployed family members in the capital till the last moment before the Eid. If just the people who have to stay in Dhaka for unavoidable reasons like attending office remain here till the last moment and the rest of the family members are sent home earlier, the suffering of all will reduce significantly. Everyone must contribute from their ends to make Eid journey less troublesome. If that happens, the joy of Eid celebration will increase manifold.