Thursday, 26 May, 2022

‘If I had represented another state, I could have got more chances in nat’l team’

Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club are on the verge of clinching their maiden Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League title this year owing to their spectacular performances throughout the tournament. Despite not having big names on their team, Sheikh Jamal showcased dominating performance to the date and they are now one win away from the DPL title. Most of the Sheikh Jamal players performed really well in the ongoing meet but their Indian recruit Parvez Rasool had an exceptional tournament both with the bat and ball (251 runs and 25 wickets) and had a big contribution to his side’s current position in the league. Recently the 33-year-old has talked to The Daily Sun regarding various issues including his stint with Sheikh Jamal, his playing days in Bangladesh, his short stint with the Indian national team, etc.


Here are the excerpts from the interview: 

 The Daily Sun: How are you enjoying your stint in Sheikh Jamal?

Parvez Rasool: It’s going well and our team Sheikh Jamal is also doing well. I am happy that I am able to contribute to the win of our team. That is a good sign for us. We finished at the top in the first phase and we need to win the required matches to clinch the series.

The Daily Sun: You are bowling so well in the power play. What is the mystery behind it?

Parvez Rasool: I think I have the experience of bowling in the powerplay. If you see in the IPL, I used to bowl in powerplay. In my T20 debut against England, I bowled in powerplay also. I also bowl in the powerplay when I play for my state. As I have bowled in the powerplay against some renowned batsman, I think I have got the experience of what needs to be done. The important thing is that you have to hit hard lines. You have to see the batsmen and the wicket and pick up your length according to your field placement in powerplay. It comes from the experience of what kind of length I should bowl and what areas I should focus on. In powerplay, you have to mix up your deliveries. But what I feel is that you have to bowl fuller in powerplay because that helps to create opportunities. You cannot give room to the batsman and have to bowl wicket to wicket.

The Daily Sun: Bangladesh turned into your second home, isn’t it? Can you tell us about the wicket?

Parvez Rasool: Yes. This is my fourth season and unlike the previous three seasons, this one is turning out to be a good one. I think the wicket is generally good. There are one or two matches that are low scoring but that is the case everywhere and without getting that into your head (low scoring matches result) you have to adjust to it. Look when you are playing, you have to adjust to different kinds of wickets because you won’t get a flat wicket all the time. In BKSP the wicket is flat but if you get some kind of challenging wicket that is in Mirpur. But I am playing here and it is not as bad as I expected. I have played on more troublesome wickets in India where the ball is turning a long way and people are playing there. I think playing on different wickets will help players to grow because when you are playing on different wickets you will have different experiences and you won’t get the same kind of wickets everywhere.

The Daily Sun: How competitive is cricket in Bangladesh?

Parvez Rasool: I think this competition drives me to come here. I get offers from other minor counties but I don’t go there and only come here to play because I feel playing here will help me grow due to the competition. You bowl against international cricketers and there is fierce competition among the title contenders which helps to bring the best out of every team.

The Daily Sun: Don’t you feel you did not get enough chances in the Indian team?

Parvez Rasool: I feel it that way and at the time I feel if I had represented another state then probably I could have got more chances in the national team. Just giving me a chance and then dropping me from the national team - actually they did not give me time to settle in the national team. I felt that after I made it to the national team, cricket in Jammu and Kashmir would rise but that didn’t happen too. All I can do is perform and that I am doing at our domestic level but still why I am not picked is something that I don’t know.