Monday, 4 July, 2022

Killers of Nahid, Morsalin ‘identified’

  • Staff correspondent
  • 25 April, 2022 12:00 AM
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Police have got important information from BNP leader Advocate Makbul Hossain on his three-day remand in the case filed over the violence clashes between Dhaka College students and New Market traders.

Shahen Shah Mahmud, additional deputy commissioner (ADC) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), New Market Zone, revealed the information on Sunday.

Law enforcers have initially identified killers of Nahid, who was killed in the sporadic clashes in the New Market area of the capital last week.

Asked what information was gathered during the remand, Mahmud said, “Some important information has been found. This information will help us to further investigate the case.”

“The motive behind the interrogation is not clear yet. But, we’re trying to understand what the intention was in his activities. He (Makbul) has talked to many since the beginning of the

incident. We’ve received information that he also sat in a secret meeting. We are trying to find out the purpose of his secret meeting.”

Asked whether Makbul politicised the clashes between businessmen and students, he said, “We do not want to comment on this right now. However, we’re trying to find out what was his motive in this incident, whether he wanted to give a political form or not. In such cases, many people want to take the opportunity and take advantage of the opportunity. He did it too, but we are trying to find out what his purpose was.”

Senior Assistant Commissioner of police (AC) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) New Market Zone Sharif Mohammad Farooquzzaman said, “We are continuing the interrogation to clarify his motives. The investigation is going on. While the investigation is ongoing, nothing can be said about it.”

Police said they have identified several persons and are keeping them under surveillance.

They all are students of Dhaka College. They all wearing helmets were involved in the murder of Nahid Hasan.

For this reason, police are reluctant to reveal the names of the killers before the exact evidence and correct identification.

However, police have not yet arrested anyone involved in the Nahid murder. Police have claimed that 17 armed men wearing helmets have been identified so far.

Nahid, a deliveryman of a computer accessories store on Elephant Road, was injured in the New Market violence and later died in Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

DB sources said a total of three persons have been identified who chopped and beat Nahid and Morsalin during the clashes.

Detectives said among them, two youths stabbed Nahid. Police have confirmed the identity of one of them. He is a student of the political science department of Dhaka College and lives in the North Hall of the College.

Students of Dhaka College clashed with shop owners and employees of New Market on Monday night and Tuesday.

Two were killed and at least 50 injured in the clashes. At least three cases have been filed so far in connection with the violence. In a case, Makbul is the number one accused.

A total of 24 people, including Makbul, have been named in the case filed by police.

Makbul is the former president of BNP of New Market Police Station. He is now a member of the Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP Executive Committee.

Makbul is the owner of both the shops from where a scuffle ensued and turned into the violent clashes.

The BNP leader rented the two shops allotted by the then Dhaka City Corporation to his two brothers.

In another development, law enforcers detained a student during a raid on Room-101 of Dhaka College’s international dormitory on Sunday for interrogation about the recent violence in New Market area of the capital.

Witnesses said that after the raid by Detective Branch (DB) of Police and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), two mobile sets were seized and a student named Zaheer Hasan Jewel was detained.

Jewel is a member of the latest convening committee of Dhaka College Chhatra League and a student of the accounting department of the college.

Md Kamruzzaman, the hostel super, said, “I heard that DB and RAB members came to the hostel. Two mobile phone sets were seized. However, I knew nothing whether any student was taken.”