Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Farhan, Farin in ‘Last Love’

Farhan, Farin in ‘Last Love’

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Musfiq R Farhan and Tasnia Farin are two popular small screen actors of the country. The artistes have presented many audience-admired dramas to the viewers. The duo now will be seen acting in a single episode play titled ‘Last Love’.

Sourav Istiak has written the story of the darma while Mahmud Mahin is the director of it. Farhan will play the role of Farin’s teacher in the drama. 

The story of the drama is that, Farhan lives in Farin’s house as lodging master. He teaches Farin and her younger sister. At once time, Farin falls in love with his teacher. But, Farhan always avoids Farin, because Farhan belongs to a poor family and he is very much conscious about social realities. Thus, the story of the drama continues..

About the drama, director Mahin said, “There is an invisible wall between rich and poor families in the in the society. I try to depict this invisible issue through my drama ‘Last Love’. I hope the audience will enjoy the play very much.”

The drama will be released on CMV’s YouTube channel on the occasion of upcoming Eid.

Musfiq R Farhan started his career through a RJ for Radio Next 93.2 FM in 2015 and worked there for 4 years. The popular RJ started his TV career with Mabrur Rashid Bannah’s ‘Ekti Tin Masher Golpo’.  He has also earned huge praise for his incredible performances in the dramas ‘Sweeper Man’ and ‘Biyer side-effect’.