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JCI Dhaka East launches project ‘Betterkind’

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  • 13 April, 2022 12:00 AM
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JCI Dhaka East launches project ‘Betterkind’

JCI Dhaka East has launched a project ‘Betterkind’ with JCI New York City recently.

The first session of project was conducted by Dr Kurt Barnes from France on zoom.

The topic for the first session was ‘Empowering Leaders against the Care Bear Attitude.’

During the first session, the 2022 Local President of JCI Dhaka East, Tahsin Azim Shezan, and 2022 Local President for JCI New York City Vreeshini Raojee, graciously marked their presence along with Project Director Tahsin Jaman and Project Lead Ahmed Imtiaz Samad.

Betterkind Initiative is one of the award-winning projects of JCI New York City which focuses on building good habits to make oneself healthier, more productive, and more resilient.

This year the programme will focus on building workplace habits and help build skill sets to future proof our lives and impact the job market.

The participants will learn about the latest research in habit formation and the reasons some habits are easy to change and others are not.

In August the participants will have to practice in the habits they pick for 21 days in the 21 days habit practice challenge.

Participants who complete the 21-day training will receive a Betterkind Champion Medal.

Certificates of participation will be awarded to all participants after completion of training till august.

About 50 number of participants registered and expected to complete the training.