Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Create safe society for children

Create safe society for children

Almost six years has elapsed since Rajon, a 13-years-old boy was beaten to death in accusation of trying to steal a bicycle. The gruesome incident earned huge criticism from every corner of the country at that time. Later when the killers were awarded death penalty, common people heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed then that changes in regards to approach towards children are coming in the mindset of the common people. But two incidents that happened in Chuadanga and Lalmonirhat have proven that nothing has changed at all.

It is learnt from a front-page report of this daily that a fifth grader was tortured over theft allegation at Dosto village of Chuadanga Sadar upazila a couple of days ago when the boy went to a shop near his school for buying tiffin. The shop owner tied up the boy to a pillar on suspicion of stealing money and beat him up. On the same day, another boy was reportedly tortured in Lalmonirhat. Pointing the finger of blame at the boy of stealing betel nuts from a tree, the tree owner and his son beat up the 13 year old child mercilessly and left the boy critically injured.

Such types of incidents are totally inhume and punishable crime under the law of the land. None are allowed to torture anyone physically, even if he/she is an adult and proven criminal, let alone doing it on suspicion. And when it comes about the children, laws even ensure special trial and justice system for juvenile, following which they are sent to correction centres, not in jail. Therefore, that somebody tortures children, that even in a cruel manner, just based on suspicion is totally criminal and the offenders should be brought to book in the quickest possible time.

At the same time, awareness should be created regarding existing laws and rights of the children. But the most important factor is to identify the underlying causes of violence, the connecting nods of violence and societal values associate with violence and work in light of those findings. Only then will we be able to establish a safe society for children.