Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

‘Hiramon’ again on BTV with new arrangement

‘Hiramon’ was one of the most popular drama serials of Bangladesh Television (BTV) in the 90s. Each episode of the serial was made based on folklore of the country. Now, BTV is bringing this popular TV serial with a new arrangement.

The shooting of ‘Rupban’ and ‘Dalim Kumar’ of ‘Hiramon’ is going on at the studio of BTV. Fazlul Karim, SM Salahuddin, Belal Hossain, Sunhasish Dutt Tonmoy have written the stories of ‘Rupban’ and ‘Dalim Kumar’. 

Actors Nairuz Sifat, Imtu Ratish, Tutul Chowdhury, Kabir Tutul, Farzana Mihi, Tushty and Tapan Hafiz will be seen acting in ‘Rupban’. On the other hand NK Masuk, Sayeem Samad, Samli Ara Saika, Shishir Ahmed, Mir Ahsan, SD Tonmoy, Tasnim Nishad and Shila will play roles in ‘Dalim Kumar’.

Shahjalal Sardar Shumul is producing the 26-episode show.

According to the BTV, to make the fantasy drama more attractive, BTV is using the latest technology during the shooting. Besides VFX technology, BTV is also using auto control motion tracking, motion capture, 3D face cloning and computer graphics in the dramas. 

About the matter, BTV’s Programme and Planning Director Jagadish Esh said, “One of the BTV’s traditional programmes is drama. Earlier, all the family members used to watch the dramas together. We want to bring back the golden time of BTV. ‘Hiramon’ was a very popular serial of BTV. This time we are using the latest technology in the serial to give the audience the real taste of fantasy. I hope the viewers will enjoy the new ‘Hiramon’.”    

The drama serial will be aired on the channel soon.