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Minimum Fitra Tk 75, maximum Tk 2,310

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  • 10 April, 2022 12:00 AM
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Minimum Fitra Tk 75, maximum Tk 2,310

The Islamic Foundation has fixed the minimum amount of Fitra at Tk 75 per person and the maximum amount of Fitra at Tk 2,310 this year.

The minimum Fitra has increased by Tk 5 compared to last year’s. But, the maximum amount has remained the same.

The National Fitra Fixing Committee fixed the amounts at a meeting at the conference room of the Islamic Foundation’s Baitul Mukarram office in the capital on Saturday.

President of the National Fitra Fixing Committee and Khatib of Baitul Mukarram National Mosque Hafez Maulana Mufti Ruhul Amin presided over the meeting.

The Fitra has been fixed, considering the market prices of 1.65kg of wheat or flour, or 3.3kg of barley, raisins, dates or cheese.

According to the calculation, this year the minimum amount of Fitra has been fixed at Tk 75 and the highest amount at Tk 2,310, said Hafez Maulana Mufti Ruhul Amin.

“Market price of the specific amount of wheat or flour is Tk 75, barley Tk 300, raisins Tk 1,420, dates Tk 1,650 and cheese Tk 2,310,” he added.

“As per their respective capacities, Fitra can be given by any one of these products or at the same price. However, prices of these products may vary in retail market. Accordingly, even if the payment is made at the local price, the Fitra will be paid,” he also said.

The minimum and maximum amounts of Fitra have been fixed on the basis of market prices of wheat, flour, barley, raisins, dates and cheese collected from all parts of the country.

Muslims can choose one of those goods or its maximum market value to pay Fitra.

The amount of the money or the equivalent foodstuff is distributed among the poor during Sadkatul Fitr or Fitra before the Eid-ul-Fitr congregation.

Last year, the minimum amount of Fitra was Tk 70.

Muslims, with minimal affluence, are obligated to offer Fitra or charity gift to the poor ahead of their biggest religious festival Eid-ul-Fitr.