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Prices of essentials still high

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 9 April, 2022 12:00 AM
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The prices of some essential commodities, which soared during the first week of the holy month of Ramadan, are still high in the capital's kitchen markets.

Prices of some of the commodities soared further in the markets on Friday.

Prices of commodities such as sugar, atta, soybean oil, palm oil, mung beans, anchor lentils, chicken, dry chili, fish, eggs, and spices rose further on Friday.

According to data from the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), prices of 12 essential goods have increased this week in the capital.

According to TCB, the price of loose soybean oil has increased by 3.68 percent in the last week and it was sold at Tk 152-158 per litre, while loose palm oil has increased by 5.47 percent and was sold at Tk 143-146 per litre.

The price of five-liter bottled soybean oil has increased by 0.33 percent in the last week and was sold at Tk 745-760 per bottle.  The price of one-liter bottle soybean oil has increased by 0.93 percent and is now sold at Tk158-168 per bottle. The price of super palm oil increased by 3.16 percent in the last week and was sold at TK 144-150 per liter.

Mung bean prices increased by 14.29 percent in a week and were sold at Tk100-140 per kg, according to TCB, while anchor dal prices increased by 4.55 percent in a week and were sold at Tk55-60 per kg.

According to TCB data, the dry chili price increased by 2.78 percent in a week and was sold at Tk 180–190 per kg; the cumin price increased by 6.26 percent; the clove price increased by 2.22 percent; the hilsa price increased by 11.11 percent; the local chicken price increased by 2.86 percent; the sugar price increased by 1.98 percent, and the farm egg price increased by 1.98 percent.

The government fixed the price of bottled soybean oil at Tk 160 per litre bottle, Tk 760 per five-liter bottle, and a loose one at Tk 141 on March 20.

However, consumers are not getting soybean oil at the government fixed price; they have to buy a one-liter bottle of soybean oil at Tk 170 per liter.

While visiting Mohammadpur Krishi Market, it was seen that the price of onions had decreased to Tk 25 per kg from Tk 30 per kg a week earlier, and the price of drumsticks decreased to Tk 80 per kg from Tk 100-150 a week earlier.

Cucumbers were sold at the previous high price of Tk 60-80 per kg, pointed-gourd at Tk 50-60 per kg, yardlong beans at Tk 60-70 per kg, okra at Tk 50-60 per kg, gourds at Tk 50-60 per kg, red amaranth at Tk 10-15 per bunch, and spinach at Tk 10-15 per bunch.

Price Ruhi fish has increased to Tk 300-450 per kg from TK 140-400 per kg a week earlier; hilsa has increased to Tk 1,300 -1,600 per kg from TK 1,000-1,200 per kg a week earlier.

Broiler chicken was sold at Tk 170-175 per kg and Sonali was sold at Tk 280-310 per kg, while beef and mutton were sold at the previous high prices of Tk 700 and Tk 950 per kg.