Thursday, 26 May, 2022

Wholesaler of medical degree certificates!

We have been alarmed learning that MBBS certificates are being sold at a fake university located in Malibagh at the heart of the capital. This has been revealed by a report published in this newspaper's yesterday issue. The report quoting a DB official informed that at least 100 people have bought fake MBBS certificates from the university, and they are earning lots of money by opening medical chambers in different parts of the country. Most probably, they are giving prescriptions to ailing people who instead of getting cured making their diseases more complicated. Maybe, these fake doctors have also done surgical operations putting patients’ lives at stake. No words are left to describe the brutality of these beasts in human form. This kind of dishonest people may simply be termed as killers.

Fraudulent reproduction of MBBS certificates has increased significantly in recent years, becoming a menace for stakeholders in medical education. Because of this peril, people are gradually losing trust on genuine doctors. This results in bitter relations among patients and physicians. It is contrary to the ethics of medical education and practice. The Ministry of Health should take a tough stance against the culprits. It should formulate harsh punitive measures to teach a lesson to the culprits who are out to make money and wealth at the cost of patients' miseries.

Law enforcers should conduct regular drives to locate fake varsities that have mushroomed in lanes and by-lanes. They should keep a constant watch on the activities of the so-called varsities where the illegal activities are going on showing an utter disrespect towards the law of the land. The criminal practice should be stopped at once by showing zero tolerance against the culprits. 

However, from the activities of the unscrupulous people it has become crystal clear that in our social morality has gone down to its lowest ebb. Greed and lust for money have turned a section of people beasts. Greed has destroyed their very souls. Time has come to do the needful to restore ethics and lost values in society. Compulsory moral education should also be imparted to our young generation to reverse the unhealthy trend.