Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Building successful women entrepreneurs is key to their empowerment

Building successful women entrepreneurs is key to their empowerment

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Farzana Akther, an employee of Bank Asia, is among many young women who have a new outlook on life thanks to many private and public initiatives to empower women. The number of women joining the banking sector is increasing day by day. “I think, the women are needed more opportunities in this sector. Every woman wants economically empowered. The present government is also encouraging women to come forward to become empowered,” Farzana said.

Entrepreneurship and empowerment continue to be key focus areas of development as an increasing number of women occupy positions in different economic and social sectors. This has been possible due to different steps taken both at private and public sectors to empower the country’s women. As a result,the women have immense contributions to all sectors including education, job, business and trade, reports BSS.

The banking sectors including the Bangladesh Bank have also stood beside the women. Many women entrepreneurs are getting loan from the bank. The number of women employees has also increased.

The government has provided loans to the affected women entrepreneurs due to COVID-19 epidemic as intensive package with the lowest interest rate as they could survive.

According to a report of BB, the disbursement of loans has increased to Taka 989.36 lakh among the women entrepreneurs during the year. And the number of women employees in the country’s scheduled bank has also increased. A total of 1,135 women employees joined the jobs from January to June in 2021.

The report said Taka 4,542.83 crore were distributed as loan among the women entrepreneurs in small, cottage and medium industries from January to September in last year. The amount was 3,553.47 crore in 2020.

Rahela Begum, one of the beneficiaries, said she got the loan after two months of her submission of application. The concerned bank sought a number of documents of business, she added.

On the other hand, the number of women employees in the banking sector has stood at 29,513 till June of last year which was 28,378 in 2020.

As per the central bank, 1,86,784 employees are working at different banks of the country. Of them, 57,271 are male and 29,513 are women.

Besides, a total of 50,567 employees are working in state-owned six commercial banks. Of them, 42,544 are male and 8023 are women.