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Boro paddy submerged in three districts

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  • 4 April, 2022 12:00 AM
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Boro paddy submerged in three districts
Flashflood caused by onrush of water from the upstream across the border in the Indian state of Meghalaya breached the crop protection embankment in Tanguar haor of Sunamganj district. The photo was taken on Sunday. – SUN PHOTO

Flash floods triggered by hilly surge from the upstream rivers have submerged vast tracts of boro paddy fields in Sunamganj, Netrakona and Kishoreganj districts.

Several hundred hectares of paddy field has gone under water in the districts as parts of two embankments in haor region collapsed due to the strong rush of upstream water.

Locals have been working hard to repair the damaged parts of the dams to save their crops.

Boro paddy has been cultivated on some 34.91 lakh hectares of land across the country while some 2.23 lakh hectares of land has been cultivated in Sunamganj alone. Harvesting the boro paddy will start within next 15 to 20 days, but the hilly surge has appeared to be a threat for harvesting their crops.

“In the next 24-48 hours, the water level of major rivers of Sylhet, Sunamganj and Netrakona districts may rise and may flow close to the danger level at some points,” said Arifuzzaman Bhuyan, executive engineer of the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center (FFWC).

According to numerical weather models of Bangladesh Meteorological Department and India Meteorological Department, there is chance of medium to heavy rainfall in the northeastern part of the country and adjoining states of Assam and Meghalaya of India in the next 48 hours, he said.

In Sunamganj, Najarkhali embankment has snapped due to huge current and water flow of Patlai River near Tanguar haor has submerged 200 hectares of boro paddy in the district.

More than 82 farmers have been affected by sudden flash flood at Joypur, Golabari, Mandiata, Ranchi and Shopnonagar village, said local sources.

The farmers were trying to save the embankments for the last two days.

In Netrakona, hilly surge from the upstream rivers have submerged more than 150 hectares of boro paddy at Khaliajuri upazila.

Water of Dhanu River has been increasing due to the huge onrush of upstream water, locals said.

They said if the flooding continues, most of the croplands will be inundated like the previous flood held in 2017.

In Kishoreganj, hilly surge from the upstream rivers have submerged vast track of boro paddy in the area.

Local people were struggling to save their crops and embankment in Etnar Char area.

Farmers were harvesting partially mature paddy from their field to save it from the flood.