Saturday, 28 January, 2023

Bongo partners with Shikho to improve EdTech video-learning experience

The largest ed-tech company Shikho has partnered with popular video streaming platform Bongo to improve the video delivery experience for online learners in Bangladesh including video analytics.

This partnership will enable learners in Bangladesh to get a faster experience, including the ability to learn offline without the internet in the near future. Bongo streamers will also get promotional offers on the Shikho learning platform.

Shikho,, launched in November 2020, has over 350,000 learners across 64 districts where paying students spend over an hour learning daily. Shikho provides academic courses for the Bangladeshi National Curriculum Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) and competitive University entrance exam. Recently they also acquired Bohubrihi, an online educational platform for professionals.

Using Bongo’s video solution, Shikho will be able to improve the streaming experience and get very detailed video analytics information to ensure they know what quality content is working and also how that content is reaching the end user. Bongo will be also providing offline learning experience in the future where students can simply go to a wifi-hotspot to download the content and learn at home without any internet at their own pace.