Thursday, 26 May, 2022

Dead dolphin washed ashore at Cox’s Bazar beach

COX’S BAZAR: A dead dolphin washed ashore at Patuartek beach in Cox’s Bazar on Sunday just after a day of loads of dead fish found at Darianagar point of the beach.

The dolphin carcass washed ashore with high tide around 10am and got stuck on the sand, said the local fishermen.

Earlier on Saturday evening hundreds of small fish, locally known as Chamila fish, floated ashore near Darianagar point of Cox’s Bazar sea beach.

According to locals, some fishermen, unable to fit all the caught fish in their trawler, opened their net and the fishes floated with high tide. During a visit to the beach on Saturday, the UNB reporter saw locals collecting the dead fishes though most of them washed away with the tide.

Abu Sayeed Md Sharif, Chief Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute (BORI) said, “According to primary investigation the fishes did not die of any pollution as no dead marine insect was found along with them.”

“The fish and the dolphin might have been caught by fishing nets. Details would be known after the scientific officers complete their assessment on the location,” he said.