Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

More Chinese projects to boost dev

Bangladesh has become one of the most resilient economies in recent years and is going to be a middle-income country soon. Enviable success in reducing poverty, increasing women's participation in labour force and flourishing the manufacturing industry has set the country on a high-growth track and helped the country earn recognition as the tiger economy of South Asia. The country has started getting benefits from the initiatives taken years back in order to achieve economic development. And during this entire journey, China has been with Bangladesh as one of the most reliable and trusted friends.

Since both countries formally established diplomatic ties back in the mid-70s of the last century, China has been providing significant support to Bangladesh. During this period, China spares all efforts and supports Bangladesh to carry out infrastructure constructions continuously through various means, including concessional loans, investment cooperation, project contracting and China-aid projects. Even now, the country is taking various initiatives for the coming days.

According to the statement of Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming, the government of China has approved more new development projects in Bangladesh and a lot more are waiting to be finalised. Another Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge project is under discussion between the two sides which will also be a gift from the government of China to the people of Bangladesh as the previous eight. It is learnt that Chinese investment in Bangladesh has increased by 300 per cent, which will further increase after the beginning of operation of the Chinese Economic Zone in Chattogram that awaits approval from the Bangladesh government.

All of these projects are expected to boost Bangladesh's economy further, which is vital since many new challenges await the country in the coming days when bilateral relations will be the most effective tools for trades and commerce. We hope the friendship of these two nations will be stronger in the days to come and they will stand by each other to make positive contributions to the economic and social development of the two countries. Let Bangladesh-China cooperation strengthen further.