Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

Bangladesh excels in computing

Bangladesh excels in computing

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Bangladesh has the potential to flourish in computing through promoting technology among youths and leading the road to a knowledge-based society, according to an international expert.

“This is a place where the sky is the limit. Bangladesh has made significant progress in the areas of service digitization and computer infrastructure development. Now it's only a matter of putting everything into action,” Dr Bill Poucher, president of ICPC Foundation, told the Daily Sun in an exclusive interview during his short trip to Dhaka recently.

Baylor University-based ICPC Foundation organises the world most prestigious competition on algorithmic solution - International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

Bangladesh is hosting the 45th edition of ICPC world final this year. Some 150 teams from 75 countries are scheduled to contest at the 45th edition of the event at International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) from November 6 – 11.

 “We're absolutely looking forward to it. It's fantastic that Bangladesh is represented by the current ICPC champion team. Previously, natural resources demonstrated the power of economies; now, knowledge is the driving force. Bangladeshi teenagers have a lot of promise in the field of computing,” Dr Bill added.

Bangladesh, according to the scholar, may become one of the world's most computer-literate countries if programming languages are taught at a young age.

Dr Bill is professor of computer science at Baylor University. He obtained doctorate of philosophy degree from Auburn University prior completing graduation from same institute.

ICPC President informed that the ogrnisation has been encouraging people in modern technology and comparative programming technique to develop excellence in the field.

“We do workshops with the purpose of helping people not only learn programming but also share information they have ever had. We do it on sponsorship from industry and with the help of the respective governments. So, that’s the way to push,” he added

The ICPC traces its roots to 1970 when the first competition was hosted by pioneers of the Alpha Chapter of the UPE Computer Science Honor Society.

Bangladesh is the 4th country in Asia after China, Japan and Thailand to have the honour to host this event, according to the organiser.

Prof Bill mentioned that ICPC is working together for developing computer literacy to reduce between western quarters and developing economies.

“ICPC brings the best minds together to build a better future with algorithm-based solution,”

He thinks the price of device should be lower for increasing the computing penetration computer will increase gradually in the developing economies.

 “I had a look at it (Digital Bangladesh). Bangladesh's digital story is one of transformation. When people have access to the internet, government services can be given in a more convenient manner. Here, connectivity is crucial,” Dr Bill added.

ICT Division organises the event in association with ICPC Foundation while University of Asia Pacific (UAP) and Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) are partners.