Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

German public broadcasters resume reporting from Russia

BERLIN: German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF said Friday they were resuming reporting from Russia, after a pause to examine the consequences of Moscow's tough new media laws, reports AFP.

The broadcasters had halted reporting from their Moscow studios after Russian lawmakers voted to impose jail terms on media publishing what Russia deemed was "fake news" about the army.

Following consultation with partners in the European broadcasting network, the German TV stations said that they would return to the studios in the Russian capital to report about the "political, economic and societal situation in Russia".

But they "will cover the military situation in Ukraine from other sites".

"The Moscow correspondents of ARD and ZDF will report on the decisions of the Russian leadership but also on reactions of civil society, for instance protests against the war, reactions of Russian elites or the concrete impact of sanctions on the daily lives of Russian citizens," they said in a statement.

Several major foreign media have suspended reporting from inside Russia, including the New York Times, Canada's CBC/Radio-Canada, Bloomberg News, plus US channels CNN and CBS.

The BBC, which had earlier also paused its work from Russia, on Tuesday said it was resuming English-language broadcasting from the country in order to "tell this crucial part of the story independently and impartially".