Friday, 20 May, 2022

Shahnaz gets ‘Gold Button’ as 1st Bangladeshi makeup YouTuber

Shahnaz Shimul has become the 1st Bangladeshi makeup artiste to achieve ‘Gold Button’ from YouTube for her channel ‘Shahnaz Shimul’ which currently has as many as 1.34 million subscribers.

Shahnaz completed Level-2 Media Hair and Makeup course as well as Level-3 Beauty Makeup course from the Northbrook College, the UK. She opened her Youtube channel eight years ago in 2014.

She is currently living in the UK and running her makeup channel from there. Her channel so far contains 249 makeup tutorials. She has also been conducting makeup workshops in Dhaka and Chattogram since 2016.

“It’s really a pleasure for me that many Bangladeshis have become makeup artistes taking lessons from my workshops. As regards my makeup contents, I always try to make them simple and easier to follow. Women of all ages, even the housewives, could take care of their beauty taking tips from my YouTube contents. That’s may be the secret of the staggering rise of my channel subscribers,” said Shahnaz Shimul.