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‘No democracy in country’

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  • 15 February, 2022 12:00 AM
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‘No democracy in country’
Mahbub Talukder

Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder on Monday said there is ‘no democracy’ in the country as desire of people is not reflected through the elections.

The failure to address the allegations of irregularities in the election is the biggest weakness of the EC, he said at a briefing on the last day of his office.

He said: “I don't think whatever I’ve said regarding the elections in the last five years has been able to make any difference.

“So far there is no indication that opposition parties will participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. This will further intensify the crisis. As an optimistic person, I would like to see a solution to all the crises.”

Replying to a question that Mahbub Talukder had been working as a ‘spokesperson’ of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, he said he does not understand the language of BNP.

“I don’t know anything. People who utter such words might be aware about the matter,” he said. He said he did not echo BNP’s views; rather he was the spokesperson of the people. “I’ve worked in the commission for five years as a spokesperson of the silent citizens,” he said.

Talking about the recently-held Union Parishad (UP) polls, Mahbub said this UP polls proved that democracy was missing in the elections.

The commissioner said the system has to be changed to ensure a free and fair election. Necessary changes must to be brought to the law and the Constitution if needed, he added.

“Such clashes in the name of UP election were unexpected. It is absurd to talk about human rights in Bangladesh. No human rights means no human dignity. Without democracy, these things do not exist. To become an acceptable state in the world, the conditions of democracy must be fulfilled,” Mahbub Talukder said.