Sunday, 4 December, 2022

Trade fairs an integral part of economy

Says Md. Faizul Alam, Managing Director of Savor International Ltd, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Sun

Trade fairs an integral part of economy

Q: Are trade exhibitions interrupted during this pandemic?

A: Yes, massively. In trade exhibitions, generally participants or exhibitors join from different parts of the world, mostly from the manufacturing regions. Due to travel restrictions and quarantine issues, this exhibition industry has been struggling globally since 2020 after Covid-19 outbreak. Physical exhibitions are extremely interrupted.

Q: We heard that some exhibitions are happening virtually in online platforms. What’s your view on that?

A: Yes, some exhibitions are happening virtually. Mostly trade and export promotion agencies of different countries have been holding online exhibitions and hunting buyers from different countries. It’s just a contingency plan for some of the organisers to be in touch with the enterprises. But it can never be a replacement for physical exhibition. Physical exhibitions are related to manifold dimensions of trade, direct interaction of marketers and buyers, buyers get the scope to know about technologies and innovations coming up. So, online exhibitions couldn’t attain the goal of a trade shows fully. But no other alternatives were there. Something is better than nothing.

Q: Now physical exhibitions are already started in different countries but international footfall is less. As an exhibition organiser what’s your idea on that? How can you manage this? 

A: In some countries hybrid shows are taking place. Those who can’t travel or not willing to travel can join via online. Domestic industries are also a big portion for the trade exhibitions. They can easily participate. And moreover, travel convenience in this pandemic differs from country to country. So, starting up again is very important. Pandemic is a big issue, so the industry will revive slowly for sure.

Q: In Bangladesh some exhibitions have already started being held physically again. How do you see that matter? 

A: No doubt, it’s a good initiative by the organisers. There are supports from the government to make this happen. Dhaka International Trade Fair 2022 is also taking place. It’s a light of the industry. I strongly believe that other trade shows will also start soon.  Trade exhibitions are an integral part of the trade and economy. As almost everything is open now and the government is also encouraging to be in regular life just maintaining Covid-19 protocols, I strongly believe that the trade exhibitions will also be held in full swing soon.

Q: How will you assess the potentials of trade exhibitions in Bangladesh compared to other countries? 

A: The potentials here are very high. Bangladesh is noticeably a strong emerging economic power of the world now. A lot of developments are happening in all segments of the industries. In such pace of development, the trade shows can help in exchange of ideas, innovations and technologies. So, the potentials of trade exhibitions in different sectors are very high in Bangladesh today.