Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

‘Obujh Maa’ on Boishakhi TV today

‘Obujh Maa’ on Boishakhi TV today

A single-episode drama titled ‘Obujh Maa’ will be aired on Boishakhi TV today. Based on the story of Tipu Alam Milon, the social drama has been scripted and directed by Akash Ranjan.

Mili Bashar, Akash Ranjan, Ilma, Mukta Naomi, Tonmoy Shohel and others will be seen acting in the drama.

About the story, Tipu Alam Milon said, “Each child is precious to a mother. The unconditional love of a mother toward her children is the main context of the play. We want to deliver a social message through the drama. I hope the audience will like it.”

In ‘Obujh Maa’, Sufia Begum’s life revolves around her two sons and a daughter. After her husband’s demise she raises her children with many difficulties. Sufia Khatun’s middle son established himself as a businessman and makes his mother the chairman of his company.

He took the advantage of Sufia Begum’s innocence and took her signs in many documents. One day Anti-Corruption Bureau raids in the company. They find, the illegal wealth’s owner is Sufia Begum. Then the drama takes a tragic turn.     

‘Obujh Maa’ will be aired at 10:00pm.