Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Anonno Mamun’s new web film ‘Jahanara’

Anonno Mamun’s new web film ‘Jahanara’
A scene form ‘Jahanara’

Film director Anonno Mamun is coming up with a new web film titled ‘Jahanara’. The premiere show of the film has been held at a restaurant in the capital recently. 

The film stars Shajal Noor, Sajia Haque Himi, Shakila Parvin, Pran Roy and others. Shudipto Syed Khan has written the dialogues of the film.

The shooting of the project was started in December last. About the film, Anonno Mamun said, “The film revolves around a fisherman thorpe. It portrays the behind story of the thorpe’s prosperity with the contribution of a woman named Jahanara.”

Produced by Creative Media Vission, ‘Jahanara’ will be released on an OTT platform soon.