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Bangladesh slips one notch on CPI

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  • 26 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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Bangladesh slips one notch on CPI

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Bangladesh has slipped one notch to 147th position on the global Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2021 but its score remained unchanged for the fourth consecutive year.

However, the country moved up one step to 13th position out of 180 countries from the bottom of the latest CPI that Transparency International (TI) unveiled across the globe on Tuesday.

Bangladesh maintained a score of 26 for the last four years in a row after posting 28 in 2017.  Madagascar and Mozambique also scored 26 this year.

Denmark, Finland and Switzerland bagged the top position with a score of 88 each out of a scale of 100 and Norway, Singapore and Sweden got ranked second.

South Sudan, Syria and Somalia are the top three most corrupt countries in the world.

 Among South Asian countries, Bangladesh remained the second worst -- better than only Afghanistan, which is the 7th lowest on the global list. It is 3rd lowest among 31 Asia-Pacific countries.

“Bangladesh’s performance in the CPI is frustrating as    its score remained at a stagnant position for the last 10 years,” Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) Executive Director Dr Iftekharuzzaman told a virtual press briefing.

“Although there’s a political commitment for zero tolerance against corruption at the highest level of the government, it is not being transformed into reality as a portion of people tasked with overseeing corruption themselves are indulged in graft,” he added. 

 TIB detects erosion of political integrity and linkage of politics with the abuse of power, corruption and criminality, dysfunctionality of key institutions of accountability and sustained impunity as the reasons behind such performance in the CPI.

The floodgates of corruption, especially scandalous anomalies in the health sector during the Covid-19 crisis, widened during the coronavirus crisis, it said.

A total of 130 countries out of 180, or 72.2 percent, have scored below 50. Last year, this percentage was 67.2 percent.

Besides, 100 countries (55 percent) scored less than global average of 43. Last year, this ratio was 58 percent. Compared to 2020, the score has increased for 65 countries, decreased for 66 and remained the same for 48.

The TI has chosen “Corruption, Human Rights and Democracy” as the theme of CPI 2021 as corruption contributes to an unsafe climate for human rights and defenders of human rights.

Corruption leads to democratic decline, dysfunctionality and capture of institutions, and thus, abuse of human rights, erosion of access to justice, which in turn leads to further corruption, setting off a vicious cycle, it said.