Monday, 23 May, 2022

Oyshee collaborates with Anurup in ‘Pankha 2’

‘Pankha’ is one of the most popular songs of ‘Pop Queen’ Momtaz Begum. The sequel of the song ‘Pankha 2’ has been released recently.

Popular singer of this generation Fatima Tuz Zahra Oyshee has lent her voice to the single. The song has been getting huge responses from the audience since its release date. 

Anurup Aich has penned the lyrics and composed the music of the song. Zahid Basar Pankaj has directed the music of the track.

 About the song, Anurup said, “One day I saw Oyshee is performing my-written song ‘Pankha’ in an event. And she sang the song very well. Then, I offered her to sing the sequel of the song. We recorded the song ‘Pankha 2’ about one and half year ago but we could not make the music video of the song due to corona pandemic. Recently we have made the music video of the track.”

Oyshee shared, “Momtaz apa’s ‘Pankha’ is still very popular among the audience. I’m very honoured that I have lent my voice to the song’s sequel. I thank Anurup Aich dada for this song. ‘Pankha 2’ has already created a buzz among music lovers. I’m grateful to my fans for showing love towards me.”