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Local coaches trying to adapt to Cabrera’s philosophy

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  • 24 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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Local coaches trying to adapt to Cabrera’s philosophy
Bangladesh national football team head coach Javier Cabrera (second right) briefs to media on Sunday. – BFF PHOTO

The local coaching staff of the Bangladesh national football team has been trying to adapt head coach Javier Cabrera’s new philosophy.

The national team have no assignment until March, so local coaches will work on scouting, collecting players’ data and training plans as per Cabrera’s instruction by this time.

“He (Cabrera) shared his plan on the first day. Our next assignment is in March, so he gave plans on preparation, training and scouting. All plans are related to the development of players’ performances,” Bangladesh assistant coach Masud Parvez Kawsar said.

“We have to work for the constant development of the players. Both elite and BPL players have to understand our goal clearly. Coaches gave an idea on scouting and asked for some specific data on local players so that he can easily analyse players during the BPL,” he said.

The newly appointed head coach sat on a meeting with assistant coach Masud Parvez Kawsar, goalkeeper coach Biplob Bhattacharjee and technical director Paul Smalley at the Bangladesh Football Federation house on Sunday.

“We will move forward as per the plan. We will not only work with the current senior players but also the upcoming youngsters. We also have to think about who is coming to play for the national team from now. Before executing our plans, we have to understand his coaching philosophy clearly,” said goalkeeper coach Biplob.

“We have to work individually, but I believe that if we can build up coordination among us, we will get success. My job is with the goalkeeping department. I will work secretly, only the coach will know what I am doing; what I want to do, or how I will do,” he added.