Wednesday, 18 May, 2022

Siddons looks to start Bangladesh job

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  • 23 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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The newly appointed batting consultant Jamie Siddons said on Saturday that he is not sure about his new role as he prepares to start his second stint with the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

The BCB confirmed the appointment of Siddons last month although they didn’t disclose anything specific about his role whether he will work with national set-up or age-level teams.

“As I said we will be working hopefully with the national team and so with some young players and I’m not hundred percent sure where I’ll be spending most of my time. Probably get my hands on a few of the more talented players to help with their cricket,” Siddons said in a video message at his Facebook page ‘Jamie Siddons Coaching’.

It’s understood that the BCB high-ups are thinking of putting Siddons in the national set-up but that will also raise questions regarding the role of the current national batting coach Ashwell Prince, who is appointed till the end of the ICC T20 World Cup in Australia this year.

The BCB roped in Prince for their Zimbabwe tour last year but later they extended his contract.

If Siddons finally lands in the national team dressing room then the job responsibilities of Siddons and Prince will unquestionably clash.

Meanwhile, Siddons confirmed that he already has obtained a Bangladeshi visa and he expects to arrive in Dhaka later this month.

“I just got my visa to head over to Bangladesh where I’m heading for my next coaching job and hopefully for two years over there. As I said, I got the visa and I’ll be booking my flight for next week or so. I’ll be there at the end of the month and start work from February 1,” Siddons said.

“I’m hoping to get my hand on some of the young talents over there working in the national team and in the junior development programme which is where I love to help young kids in developing their game.

“I’ve been there before I loved it and I’m gonna love it again. They have had some really good wins in recent times in T20 cricket and Test match cricket most notably the first Test in New Zealand not long ago.  Had a great win there batted and bowled beautifully and then they all fell apart in the second Test.

“Not sure why but that tends to be a little bit of inconsistency hoping to help with that when I get over there,” he added.