Sunday, 22 May, 2022

6 killed in India high rise fire

6 killed in India high rise fire

MUMBAI: Six people were killed and 15 injured in a major fire on the 18th floor of the 20-storey Kamla Building in Nana Chowk near Gowalia tank in South Mumbai on Saturday, the chief fire officer of the Mumbai fire brigade said, adding the firefighting operations are still underway, reports Hindustan Times.

“Information regarding the cause of death is awaited. While apartment number 1904 is completely charred, this had intense heat and flames, other apartments that have been affected have not seen as much damage in comparison.

As firefighting is ongoing, we are yet to take complete stock of the extent of damage. Out of the 7 dead, only one person was in apartment 1904 as per the information we have at present,” Chief Fire officer Hemant Parab told Hindustan Times.

The fire was reported at 7.28 am and declared level 3 at 7.42 am. After 2.5 hours of firefighting, the Mumbai fire brigade managed to cover the fire from all sides by 10.05 am.

A total of 22 people were injured and rushed to three nearby hospitals. Out of the 7 people taken to Nair hospital, 5 were declared dead; of the 2 people rushed to Kasturba Hospital, one died, and of the 14 people taken to Bhatia Hospital, one died.

The fire brigade deployed 13 fire engines, 7 jumbo tankers, a breathing apparatus van, and 5 ambulances at the spot. 16 senior fire brigade officials, including a deputy chief fire officer, a deputy fire officer, 2 assistant deputy fire officers, and 12 station officers are part of the firefighting operations.

State environment minister and Mumbai suburbs guardian Aaditya Thackeray took to social media and said, “In touch with the authorities regarding the fire outbreak at the Kamala building in Tardeo. The fire brigade and police are on site. Rescue and cooling operations are underway.