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‘Business not our main focus’

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  • 21 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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‘Business not our main focus’
BCB and sponsor officials are seen during the sponsorship declaration ceremony at Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium on Thursday. — BCB PHOTO

A top official of the Bangladesh Premier League Governing Body admitted on Thursday that the tournament is yet to turn into a business model despite completing one decade this year.

Since its inception, the brand value of BPL had gone down drastically and many accused the BPL governing council of the downfall.

The eighth edition of the BPL only suggests that its brand value has hardly increased considering there is no DRS and its glamour has also been decreased to great extent.

“I’ve been involved in the BPL for the last seven seasons. Initially, we were in a business model. But It’s not possible to do everything if you want to consider social context and economic conditions as per my experience. We get some revenue whenever there is BPL but the BCB president strictly told us to give more exposure to players, local coaches, other staff and to increase our abilities,” BPL Member Secretary Ismail Haider Mallick told The Daily Sun on Thursday.

“Because you know we are hosting the BPL with an international standard. The other domestic leagues are not like international standards. We are hosting BPL with various challenges within a short time. If you say the participations, we have 400 foreign players on the list. Big stars like Warner, Smith, Rashid played in BPL. Many big stars are coming to play this year’s BPL as well. So we are happy. Business is not our main focus here.

“How are you measuring the brand value of BPL? I see this with viewership. Let’s take it as a challenge. Let’s see the BPL after 5-6 days and take a look at its viewership,” he added.

Mallick added that they are not ready to compare them with the Pakistan Super League considering there is a foreign investment there.

“We have to understand that we never allow any foreign investment in BPL. PSL franchises are mostly from middle-East. You have to agree with me. Our structure is totally different. We were supposed to get TK 100 crore revenue from the first BPL but we didn’t get anything. Even we had to make a committee in the second edition to clear the dues,” said Mallick.

“Apart from salaries, we get 25-30 crore taka revenue in every BPL season. If we host it in bigger shape then we’ll be able to earn 40-50 crore taka. So our goal is different. Revenue is not our main goal,” he said.

Mallick added that the franchisees need to come forward if they want to develop a business model.

“This is the responsibility of the franchises to build their business model. A franchise took part in the BPL for two years but later it failed to clear the payment. So how can it build the business model? 

“Everyone has to work willingly. A team costs TK 5-6 crore to make a DPL team. But now you can build a BPL team with just TK 8-9 crore. Once it needed 25-30 crore to build a BPL team. So eventually when we go through a long term plan then it will increase again,” he said, adding that they are not ready to make revenue sharing.

“This is not the right position for revenue sharing. The BCB also decides not to share any revenue in future as well,” he concluded.