Sunday, 22 May, 2022

Mega projects to accelerate development

Mega projects to accelerate development

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What the nation dreamt of all the years since independence and what the country’s march towards higher economic statuses badly needs are about to come to fruition very soon. Bangladesh is on the threshold of reaping the benefits of a good number of megaprojects in the power, port and physical communication arenas. Some of these projects are nearing completion and set to be opened this year and the next. Thus, 2022 and 2023 are going to be great turning points in the history of the country’s progress and prosperity. 

According to yesterday’s lead story of this daily, the Padma multipurpose bridge connecting the south and south-western districts with the capital is very close to the finishing line and is expected to be opened to traffic by next June. This much-coveted bridge will quicken communication with the entire southern region and will spur its socio-economic development. A major part of the Dhaka Metro Rail is likely to open by the end of this year. The tunnel beneath the Karnaphuli River may also be opened roughly at the same time. Other important projects like the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, the Dohazari-Ghundhum rail line, the Payara seaport and the Matarbari coal-fired power plant are likely to be completed within the next couple of years.

On completion these and other projects will act not only as the springboard for quicker economic development of the country but will also enhance of the image and prestige of Bangladesh, which is already recognised globally as a role model of development. The miraculous progress of the country in terms of megaproject development has been possible due to prudent leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her pragmatic planning. Continuity of governance over a longer period of time and relatively peaceful political environment have also contributed immensely to taking the country to this level of growth.

Anyway, we must keep in mind that these projects, however enormous in size and significance, are not the end in themselves; those are just the means of achieving the developed country status that we expect to reach within two decades from now. Thus, it is the moral obligation for all of us to cherish these dream projects, always maintain a congenial political and social environment and remain cautious against disruption of the development process from any corner and by any vested interest coteries.