Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Bumper onion yield expected in Jashore

Bumper onion yield expected in Jashore

JAHSORE: Onion growers in Jashore are busy rearing their fields these days, hoping to make a killing with a record harvest this year.

An essential part of the diets of millions of Bangladeshis, rich and poor, the kitchen staple adds flavour and texture to every meal. Besides, the pungent bulb is a rich source of key daily nutrients.

Every year, Bangladesh witnesses onion crises. In October 2020, for instance, the country saw a record hike in onion prices after neighbouring India banned its export.

However, this year, Jashore could come to the rescue of the country.

Last year, the district produced some 20,440 metric tonnes of onion. And this year, the district authorities have set a higher target by planning to bring 1,910 hectares of land under onion cultivation.

 “We are giving extra attention to our fields. We expect a bumper output this year, and in turn, a windfall profit,” a farmer told UNB. “Winter is the best time to cultivate onion.”

In fact, the department of agriculture Extension (DAE) has also set a production target of 21,831 metric tonnes by bringing 1,910 hectares under onion cultivation in the eight upazilas of the district.

According to officials, 330 hectares of land would be brought under onion cultivation in Marimpur upazila, 150 hectares in Sadar, 210 hectares in Sharsha and 540 hectares in Jikhorgachha upazila.

Similarly, 460 hectares would be brought under onion cultivation in Chougachha upazila, 30 hectares in Abhaynagar, 70 hectares in Bagharpara and 120 hectares in Keshabpur upazila of the district.

SM Maruful Haque, the deputy assistant officer in the local DAE office, said, “We are visiting onion fields regularly and providing the farmers with valuable advice. If the weather remains favourable, we expect a bumper onion production this year.”

Badal Chandra Biswas, the deputy director of DAE, Jashore region, said, “This year, a target has been set to bring 1,910 hectares of land under onion cultivation. Already 1,073 hectares have been brought under cultivation in the district.”