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Feni farmers busy transplanting Boro saplings

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  • 21 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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Feni farmers busy transplanting Boro saplings
Farmers are busy transplanting Boro seedlings at a field in Anandapur village under Fulgazi Upazila of Feni district. The photo was taken on Thursday. — Sun Photo

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FENI: Aman paddy has already been harvested and boro paddy cultivation has started. Local farmers have started planting Boro saplings in full swing this season, ignoring the severe winter. Boro paddy cultivation festival is underway in all upazilas of the district.

Farmers are busy irrigating the land, plowing, applying fertilisers, picking seeds and planting seedlings in the prepared land. This image has been seen in different remote areas of the district for the last few days. More Boro paddy is being planted in about 30,110 hectares of land this season since the last Aman season. The farmers will try their best to make the yield better in the current Boro cultivation than in Aman.

According to the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), the district has set a target of planting boro paddy in 30,110 hectares of land this year. Of this, hybrid seeds will be planted in 4,115 hectares and high yielding (Ufshi) seeds will be planted in 26,095 hectares. The target is to cultivate 8,960 hectares in Sadar upazila, 5,590 hectares in Chhagalnaiya, 4,650 hectares in Fulgazi, 3,240 hectares in Parshuram, 6,500 hectares in Daganbhuiyan and 1,000 hectares in Sonagazi.

Meanwhile, due to several days of dense fog and severe cold, the local farmers are worried that the seedbed will be damaged. However, the Department of Agriculture did not do much harm as it gave overall advice to protect the affected seedbed. Ignoring the winter, the farmers are busy in the field from morning till evening. Some are cultivating the land, others are plowing the land or distributing organic manure. Some are giving irrigation. After ancillary work, they were picking saplings from the seedbed and planting them in the field.

DAE officials said, to encourage farmers to cultivate boro, 10 thousand farmers in the district are given 2 kg hybrid seeds, 4 thousand farmers are given 5 kg weed seeds, 10 kg DAP fertilizer, 10 kg free MOP fertiliser are provided.

In this regard, Deputy Director of the District Agriculture Extension Department Tariq Mahmudul Islam said, “There is a lot of interest among the farmers this year as they are getting fair price.” Hopefully we will get more yield than the target given by the government. Farmers are cultivating Brri-Dhan 69 and Brri-Dhan 12 in the hope of better yield than other varieties. Besides, in the name of Bangabandhu, 100 farmers have been encouraged to cultivate Brri-Dhan and some amount.