Monday, 23 May, 2022

Hike in Prices of Consumer Products

People feel pinch

  • ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman
  • 21 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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People continue to feel the pinch of frequent hikes in prices of consumer products as there is no specific mechanism to make the market stable.

They say they are feeling the strain on their wallets by paying more on their grocery shopping due to the hikes in prices of consumer products now and then.

Prices of some consumer items like laundry, dishwashing, hand wash, shampoo, tomato sauce and some others are on the rise in the beginning of the New Year.

Golam Rahman, chairman of the Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB), told the Daily Sun that there is no mechanism of controlling the prices of consumer products.

“That’s why producers increase prices of their products in their will, putting extra pressure on customers,” he said.

Consumers claimed producers increase prices of those consumer items very frequently and leave them utter misery to maintain monthly


The price of 1 kg wheel washing powder 2 in 1 clean & fresh has increased to Tk 100 by Tk 10 on the second week of January, 2022. Price of the item was Tk 90 in October, Tk 80 in September, 2021 and Tk 70 in February 2018. The price of wheel washing laundry bar has increased to Tk 22 from Tk 20, chaka washing powder to Tk 100 per kg from Tk 85, Rin powder to Tk 135 per kg from Tk 125, surf excel to Tk 105 from Tk 99, surf excel washing powder to Tk 105 per half Kg from Tk99, said Mohammad Roman, a grocery shop owner at Mohammadpur.

The price of vim dishwasing bar has increased to Tk 35 per 300 gram from Tk 32 per 325 gram while the company also decreased the weight of vim bar by 25 gram, he said.

Lifebouy total hand wash price increased to Tk 300 per 1 litre from Tk 280 by a month while the lifebouy handwash price was Tk 250 per 2 litre in July 2021. Price of lifebouy hand wash refill pack has increased to Tk 65 per 170ml from Tk 60 per 180 ml.

They also have reduced the amount of product but increased the price slightly to dodge the consumers, Roman said.

The price of sunsilk blackshine shampoo has increased to Tk 195 per 180ml from Tk 185 in a month. The prices of other shampoo have also increased this year.

When a company increases prices of its products, other companies hike their products’ prices, said Sahidul Islam, a private company employee.

He said they have to fall pray of the multinational company as they have no choice for alternative.

Not only the price of these products, price of Ruchi BBQ and Jhal chanacur has increased to Tk 43 from Tk 35, Bombay chanchur to Tk 35 from Tk 30, Danish condense milk to Tk 85 from Tk 75, pran tomato sauce to Tk 95 from Tk 90 and Ahmed tomato sauce to Tk 95 to Tk 90, said may shop owners.