Monday, 23 May, 2022

DCs must discharge duties impartially

DCs must discharge duties impartially

Despite going through changing duties and responsibilities at different times, the Deputy Commissioners (DC) have always been in important positions to materialise development policies taken by the government. Having directly connected with policymakers and grassroots, they are the persons who can translate the visionary ideas into action and provide the common people with the best fruits of any project by coordinating its proper implementation. Since most of their works are public related, their sincerity and commitment are of paramount importance which leads the prime minister to urge them to shun the ‘bureaucratic mentality’, consider themselves public servants and perform duties for the welfare of common people rising above their fear and greed and upholding the national interest above all.

DCs play the most crucial role in meeting the basic needs of poor people of the country, and ensuring social protection, empowerment of the people, especially women empowerment and so on. In a nutshell, country's socioeconomic development mostly depends on the capability and competence of its civil service. Therefore, DC offices are apposite with DCs’ dynamic leadership and busy activities. They, by virtue of position and power vested under the law, are the governance keystone at the field level and act as the administrative focal point. So the public administration should have to prove their competence through performing duties and showing experience.

Though they are supposed to work as the bridge between the government and the people using the freedom and power given to them to discharge duties, some news of deviation from the previously accepted norms hotted up newspapers on several occasions. News of irregularities, abuse of power and moral degradation of DCs has become almost common in recent years. Moreover, the discord between public representatives and field-level government officials has turned out to be a serious concern. However, such types of development are really undesirable and unacceptable indeed.

People want DCs and other field-level administrative officials to be effective and orderly field administrators who will deliver services discreetly with good governance; and also without fear or greed as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked them to do. At the same time, the district administration should be free to do their jobs without interference from politicians, and the office should be kept aloof from politicisation and partisanship.