Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Turkmenistan plans to close its fiery Gates of Hell

Turkmenistan is planning to shut down the fiery Gates of Hell, which is the Darvaza gas crater. One of the greatest attractions of the country, the Gates of Hell has been burning for 50 years, with visitors flocking to it. It is situated about 260 km away from the capital of Turkmenistan, and is also known as Door to Hell, reports Times of India.

According to reports, Turkmenistan President, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov said in a televised government programme that the Gates of Hell is burning a large volume of gas,   and it could be used to help prosper the country and its people. The idea is to get access to the natural gas reserves that are present inside this burning pit.

President Berdymukhamedov further said that the burning pit will be closed for environmental and health reasons as well. Turkmenistan has a challenging task at hand to extinguish this burning Gates of Hell.

The idea to extinguish the Gates of Hell is not a new one. The President had first issued this order back in 2010, but for some reason it was not achieved back then.

Interestingly, the Gates of Hell hosts an odd extremophile bacteria that is living in this excruciating hot environment. The ground temperature can reach as high as 400 Celsius.

Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia, and its Gates of Hell came into existence in 1971 when it was set on fire in order to prevent the spread of methane gas. Since then, this burning pit has been raging on, and attracting a number of adventurers.