Saturday, 28 May, 2022

Xi stresses common development, win-win cooperation

Xi stresses common development, win-win cooperation

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BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping said Monday that different countries and civilizations may prosper together on the basis of respect for each other, and seek common ground and win-win outcomes by setting aside differences, reports Xinhua.

Xi made the remarks while delivering a special address at the 2022 World Economic Forum virtual session. The right way forward for humanity is peaceful development and win-win cooperation, he said.

Xi called for following the trend of history, working for a stable international order, advocating common values of humanity, and building a community with a shared future for mankind.

"We should choose dialogue over confrontation, inclusiveness over exclusion, and stand against all forms of unilateralism, protectionism, hegemony or power politics," Xi said.

Speaking about the fighting pandemic and building post-COVID world, the Chinese President said answers must be given to major, urgent questions of how to beat the pandemic and how to build the post-COVID world.

The world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century, Xi noted, adding these changes, not limited to a particular moment, event, country or region, represent the profound and sweeping changes of the times.

"As changes of the times combine with the once-in-a-century pandemic, the world finds itself in a new period of turbulence and transformation," Xi said.

He said China should never grow the economy at the cost of resource depletion and environmental degradation, nor should the country sacrifice growth to protect the environment.

Xi described economic development at the cost of environment as "draining a pond to get fish," and sacrificing growth to protect the environment as "climbing a tree to catch fish."

"Guided by our philosophy that clean waters and green mountains are just as valuable as gold and silver, China has carried out holistic conservation and systematic governance of its mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, grasslands and deserts," Xi said.

The country does everything it can to conserve the ecological system, intensify pollution prevention and control, and improve the living and working environment for its people, he said.

"We have every confidence in the future of China's economy," the Chinese President and added that the Chinese economy enjoys a good momentum overall, Xi said, citing that the country's gross domestic product grew by around 8 percent year on year in 2021, achieving the dual target of fairly high growth and relatively low inflation.

Shifts in the domestic and international economic environment have brought tremendous pressure, but the fundamentals of the Chinese economy, characterized by strong resilience, enormous potential and long-term sustainability, remain unchanged, he said.

In his speech, Xi said China's development gains will benefit all its people in a more substantial and equitable way.

"The common prosperity we desire is not egalitarianism," Xi said. "To use an analogy, we will first make the pie bigger, and then divide it properly through reasonable institutional arrangements."

"As a rising tide lifts all boats, everyone will get a fair share from development, and development gains will benefit all our people in a more substantial and equitable way," he said.

The Chinese President said that no "countercurrents" could stop the trend of economic globalization. "Economic globalization is the trend of the times. Though countercurrents are sure to exist in a river, none could stop it from flowing to the sea."

"Driving forces bolster the river's momentum, and resistance may yet enhance its flow. Despite the countercurrents and dangerous shoals along the way, economic globalization has never and will not veer off course."

"Countries around the world should uphold true multilateralism," Xi said. "We should remove barriers, not erect walls. We should open up, not close off. We should seek integration, not decoupling. This is the way to build an open world economy," he said.

The Chinese President called on the world to "move forward by following the logic of historical progress, and develop by riding the tide of development of our times."

Citing a Chinese saying "the momentum of the world either flourishes or declines; the state of the world either progresses or regresses," Xi noted that the world is always developing through the movement of contradictions, and the history of humanity is a history of achieving growth by meeting various tests and of developing by overcoming various crises.

He said the world should learn from comparing long history cycles, and see the change in things through the subtle and minute. "We need to foster new opportunities amidst crises, open up new horizons on a shifting landscape, and pool great strength to go through difficulties and challenges."

Xi Jinping called for solidarity and cooperation of the international community amid a global crisis, saying that "small boats may not survive a storm, but a giant ship is strong enough to brave a storm."

"Facts have shown once again that amidst the raging torrents of a global crisis, countries are not riding separately in some 190 small boats, but are rather all in a giant ship on which our shared destiny hinges," he said.

He also called on the world to do everything necessary to clear the shadow of the pandemic and boost economic and social recovery and development, so that the sunshine of hope may light up the future of humanity.

In two weeks' time, China will celebrate the advent of spring in the lunar new year, the Year of the Tiger, Xi said, noting that in Chinese culture, tiger symbolizes bravery and strength, as the Chinese people often refer to spirited dragon and dynamic tiger, or soaring dragon and leaping tiger.

"To meet the severe challenges facing humanity, we must 'add wings to the tiger' and act with the courage and strength of the tiger to overcome all obstacles on our way forward," Xi said.