Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Towards a knowledge-based nation

Towards a knowledge-based nation

Bangladesh is on its way to becoming a developed country by 2041. To attain the status, there is no alternative but to acquire knowledge which is the new currency. But what sort of knowledge do we require? Presently, we still have limited access to modern technologies that have been invented decades ago and in foreign lands. It has widened the gap between those in the frontier of technological advancements and those lagging behind. To close the gap with developed nations, we shall have to expand our accessibility towards advanced technologies, including the latest developments in science, engineering, healthcare and others.

In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, we must have to acquire knowledge in advanced sciences and technologies. To benefit from the 4IR, we shall have to brace ourselves for technology-based education. For the time-being, we shall have to borrow knowledge from the technologically-advanced countries. But, ultimately, we shall have to create knowledge ourselves by transforming our vast human resources into skilled workforce equipped with innovative and advanced ideas. We shall have to create our knowledge capital which is essential for a knowledge-based nation. 

However, mere technology-based knowledge will not suffice. It will keep the nation culturally backward. A nation having a rich history and culture is able to survive as a strong one in the world community. So, for cultural advancement, we shall also have to study liberal arts. Then and only then, in the long run, we may be able to emerge as a well-balanced developed nation. As to why, we shall have to pursue research-oriented education. We shall have to conduct high quality research in this regard.  Our rich cultural heritage combined with new knowledge can steer our country towards becoming a prosperous nation.

Last year, the country qualified for becoming a developing nation following successful implementation of the Perspective Plan (2010-2020). Now, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed her determination to build a modern and knowledge-based nation. To turn the country into a developed country by 2041, her government has already formulated the Perspective Plan (2021-2041). We believe the PM's firm conviction to build a hunger- and poverty-free Bangladesh as dreamt by the Father of the Nation will come true in future.