Friday, 27 May, 2022

Excessive Unwanted Calls to 999

Genuine service seekers facing trouble

Genuine service seekers facing trouble

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Service-seekers often fail to reach the National Emergency Service 999 at the urgent moment as the channel remains busy with excessively unwanted calls.

Mohammad Tabarak Ullah, additional deputy inspector general and chief of the 999-service unit, told the Daily Sun, “When 999 service started in 2017, every day we used to take around 10,000 calls. But now we have to take around 30,000 calls a day. It is now three times higher.”

Anyone can call 999 free of cost from their mobile phones in case of any emergency. This service is open 24 hours a day.

The 999 service’s trained personnel communicate with the fire service, police, or ambulance service provider as needed. If someone calls 999, action is taken knowing the type of the problem, name and address.

Inspector Anwar Sattar, Focal Person Media & Public Relations of National Emergency Service 999, told the Daily Sun that some 3. 47 crore calls have been received till 999.

He said out of this, service has been provided to some 1.12 crore calls while some 2.34 crore calls are service non-provided ones or fake ones.

Of the total calls, service has been provided to 32.35 percent phone calls and around 67.65 percent of these huge calls are service non-provided calls.

According to 999 sources, of the service provided calls, a total of about 5.53 lakh calls to the emergency services were related to the police, 67,600 calls related to fire, 82,581 calls regarding ambulances and 30 lakh 20 thousand 848 calls have been made to inquire about the service.

Out of service non-provided calls, over 1.53 crore were not spoken from the other end - the caller remained silent, 21.49 lakh calls were fake or mock calls, 4. 65 lakh were repeat calls, 98,305 were departmental calls, 35. 52 lakh calls were missed calls and 24. 11 lakh were test calls. To know information, women service seekers have made more than 2. 76 lakh calls, children 6. 93 lakh calls and men 59. 76 lakh calls.

According to the people concerned, expected people are often deprived of 999 services as service-seekers are getting busy all the channels due to additional fake calls.

Mohammad Tabarak Ullah, additional deputy inspector general and chief of the 999-service unit, said, “Many people call without knowing about 999. Someone has no balance on his phone and s/he called 999 and asked to recharge his mobile.”

“If someone’s child does not want to eat, they call 999 and scare the baby to the police while some are harassing us with misleading information.”

While asked about service seekers got busy all the channels due to excessive unwanted calls, he said “Of the total number of unwanted calls, a large number of calls are generated from the mobile operators. We can’t track those calls. Such also happens in others country like USA and UK.” “Besides this, we can take 120 calls in one minute so that seekers may not found all the channels busy while calling 999” he added.

The chief of the 999-service unit told Daily Sun, “Currently, our main challenge is we have to take around 30,000 calls every day. It is too high according to our manpower and others logistics.”