Friday, 27 May, 2022

Protest terrorist activities instead of being silent spectators

Protest terrorist activities instead of being silent spectators

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We watch the acting of heroes and heroines in a film or drama. How skillfully they act! Every scene seems to be real. Sometimes the audiences get lost in the story due to the excellent acting of the performers. When the performer creates laughter in a joyous mood, many of the audience are seen to laugh. When the performer weeps in a tragic scene, many of the audience begin to weep, being emotional. Tears roll down their cheeks spontaneously. They can’t control their emotions. Again, when the hero does any heroic deed, a large number of audiences break into loud applause. They encourage the hero to go ahead.

On the other hand, when a villain commits any brutal act, the audience reacts very furiously. Some of the audience scolds the villain loudly. Once in my boyhood, I watched a famous ‘Jatrapala’ Siraj-ud-Daula in which the audience threw a lot of shoes and sandals towards ‘Mir Jafar’ out of rage and hatred. Though their hatred for the villain and encouragement for the victim bring about no outcome, the audience cannot but react in this way while watching a film or drama.

But it is known to all what happens in reality. When any murder is committed or anybody is assaulted unjustly in broad day light, people don’t come forward to save the victim. They play the role of silent spectators. They don’t dare to say anything against the terrorists. Some people keep watching while others leave the scene in fear. Two years back I saw a terrorist beating a rickshaw puller mercilessly. The rickshaw puller received severe blows and injuries on his face. Blood was dripping from his mouth. At one stage the rickshaw puller fell on the ground being hit frequently and the terrorist began to kick him indiscriminately. I wanted to protest against such brutality but other people did not let me say anything.

Rifat, husband of Minni, was hacked to death in Public in Barguna. But nobody came forward to save him instantly. The viral video of this sensational incident shows how helpless and unorganised the common people are! We know how brutally Abrar, a BUET student, was beaten to death in presence of other students. Another heinous murder was committed in Cumilla at the end of 2021. A group of miscreants shot dead a ward councillor and his associate entering his office in broad daylight.

It is encouraging that these criminals don’t go unpunished. When any case is filed against them, they are tried and their punishment is ensured. 20 students of BUET were sentenced to death and five others were sentenced to life imprisonment in Abrar murder case. On the other hand, the six accused including Minni were sentenced to death in Rifat murder case in 2020. In spite of it, the number of such crimes is not decreasing desirably.

A handful of miscreants commit terrorist activities. Though most of the people are peace-loving, they cannot get organised to resist the perpetrators who are a very few in number. Everybody wants to save his own skin. They don’t want to get in trouble by raising a protest. When their turn comes, others remain silent. Thus, all peace-loving people are assaulted everywhere, every day. People of all professions should come forward with a view to resisting the terrorists as the government itself has taken a “Zero Tolerance Policy” to root out terrorism, communalism and extremism.

At the last scene in many films, we see the downfall of evil forces when the hero and the common people together attack them (terrorists) collectively. But in reality, we don’t know when the downfall of terrorists will be ensured.

If the common people get organised, the terrorists will find no way to escape. First, unity among common people is a must. The people of our country drove away the powerful Pakistani Army being united in 1971. Why will this heroic nation give in to the terrorists?


Md. Abdur Rahim, Senior Teacher, Sabera Sobhan

Govt. Girls’ High School, Brahmanbaria