Thursday, 20 January, 2022

Tanvir Tareq stars in Afzal’s ‘Maniker Lal Kakra’

Tanvir Tareq stars in Afzal’s ‘Maniker Lal Kakra’

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National Film Award-winning composer Tanvir Tareq will be seen acting in Afzal Hossain’s upcoming film ‘Maniker Lal Kakra’. Tanvir is also the music director of the film.

About acting in the film, Tanvir said, “It was a surprising offer for me acting in the film. Afzal bhai one day asked me whether I could come with the guitar in the next day’s shoot. The film’s actress was singing a song and I had to play the guitar with her in that scene. Afzal bhai’s request was like an order to me. This is the story behind my acting in the film.” 

“Being a part of a legendary filmmaker like Afzal Hossain’s film is a big achievement for me. Maybe he included me in this small part on the screen out of affection. Probably this is the first and last time I’d be seen acting. But at least I can now say I’ve acted in a film once under Afzal Hossain’s direction,” he shared.

Tanvir also directed the music of two songs including the theme song of ‘Maniker Lal Kakra’.

The story of ‘Maniker Lal Kakra’ is based on writer and novelist Manik Bandopadhyay’s life. Masum Reza has written the script of the movie.

Ferdous Ahmed and Sohana Saba will be seen acting lead roles in the movie.