Monday, 24 January, 2022

Strictly enforce restrictions

It is commendable that the government initiatives are leaving no loopholes this time. The government has issued health safety restrictions banning all open-air social, political and cultural gatherings, to check further spread of coronavirus in the country. In the wake of the new Coronavirus variant Omicron arriving while the spread of the Delta variant still going on, the government steps to control the spread of infection are timely. Hopefully, two years of successfully dealing with the pandemic is being helpful.

Though the Covid protocol is more or less similar to when the pandemic started two years ago, strict additional measures of showing vaccine certificates at restaurants and hotels to get services, increased screening at land ports, seaports and airports, prohibiting crews from coming outside ships at the ports, visitors accompanying foreign goers not being allowed to enter airports, all public transports must ply carrying half capacity of passengers, etc. are hopefully going to be implemented.

Though people’s experience and knowledge regarding the virus has grown in the last two years, still the government is not taking any chance under the circumstances to keep the population safe. Unfortunately, a two year long Covid fatigue is also making people dare the virus as they go about life as usual. So, for the past few months, the way social, political and cultural events were being held, none would think that there is Coronavirus anywhere in the world. People seem to have thrown all caution to the winds, often not even wearing masks in public gatherings. It is evident that it is urgently needed to actually enforce the government regulations that have been declared afresh.

In fact, a huge number of people have received two doses of vaccines and the 60+ population are being gradually brought under a third dose of booster vaccine coverage. This is acting as a protective barrier, increasing the immunity of the most vulnerable as well as the elderly population of the country.

Vaccinated or not, government rules stipulate that everyone must continue to wear masks when they venture out of their house to prevent spreading of the infection. All sellers and buyers in shops, shopping malls and bazaars must wear facemasks or be punished. Under the new restrictions, anyone not wearing masks will face legal consequences to ensure strict adherence to the regulations by the public.