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N’ganj City Polls

Shamim Osman announces support for ‘Boat’

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  • 11 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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Shamim Osman announces support for ‘Boat’

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Narayanganj-4 constituency lawmaker AKM Shamim Osman has announced his support for ‘Boat’, the poll symbol of Awami League, in Narayanganj City Corporation (NCC) election.

Shamim Osmam made the announcement of his support for the ‘Boat’ symbol at a press conference held at a community centre at Chashara in Narayanganj city on Monday.

“No matter who is the candidate in the polls. Boat is the symbol of independence, the symbol of Father of the Nation and the symbol of Sheikh Hasina. This symbol has been bought with our blood. I couldn’t work for the ‘Boat’ the way I should. But now I have started work,” he said.

Shamim Osmam said he came to politics not for any party rather to seek justice for the assassination of Father of the Nation. I joined politics because of my love for Bangabandhu.”

“When we will wake up, others will fall asleep. We are carrying the blood of freedom fighters. Bangabandhu is our last address. I don’t bow down to anybody,” he added.

He also raised a question as to why he becomes the ‘subject’ time and  again when election comes. He jokingly said it’s like ‘a poor man’s wife is every one’s sister-in-law as every candidate claims that I am working for each of them.

The influential Awami League leader said, “I remained silent for a few days for some reasons. I thought it is not my job to support any candidate. Various issues are being created due to my silence.”

“Consequently, the party is being harmed. Someone is hurting from the opposite side while someone is hurting from inside. Therefore, I appear before you to say something,” he added.

Referring to independent mayoral candidate Taimur Alam Khandakar, Shamim Osman said you (Taimur) keep talking as you are doing now but don’t dare to  sink the ‘Boat’ with ‘Elephant’, your poll symbol.

“I don’t think that BNP-Jamaat has the power to sink the ‘Boat’ in Naryanganj. Elephant can grow in size. We’ll keep running with the Elephant on our shoulders, but we will not let them get on the ‘Boat’, he said.

Terming Narayanganj the fortress of Boat, Sheikh Hasina, Bangabandhu and pro-liberation forces, the Awami League leader urged his opponents not to play another game in the port city.

“Don’t hurt Chhatra League as they have come forward in bad times. Elections are not conducted through snubbing or blaming each other,” he said, adding that all the AL leaders and activists are working for the ‘Boat’ symbol in the city polls.

Asked why people called him ‘godfather’, Shamim Osman said people can call him godfather, brother or anything else they want. “Just don’t call me a godmother as I am a man. I have got used to hearing these slangs,” he added.

Talking about Selina Hayat Ivy’s allegation that he is supporting independent candidate Taimur Alam, Shamim Osman said what she (Ivy) said is her own business but and if he responds, it will affect the polls.

Earlier on Sunday, Awami League-backed mayoral candidate Dr Selina Hayat Ivy told the media that she was not sure whether Shamim Osman will support her or not.

Ivy had been elected Narayanganj city mayor for two terms. She defeated then AL candidate Shamim Osman in the first NCC polls in 2011. She also served as chairman of Narayanganj municipality for a five-year term.

A total of seven candidates, Ivy and Taimur, are in the mayoral race for Narayanganj city polls scheduled for January 16.

Shamim Osman and Selina Hayat Ivy lead two factions of the Awami League in Narayanganj.