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Accidents on Roads, Railways, Waterways

5,689 people killed in 2021

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  • 9 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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5,689 people killed in 2021

A total of 5,689 people were killed and 5,805 others injured in 4,983 accidents on roads, railways and waterways in 2021.

Some 4,289 people were killed and 5,424 others injured in 3,793 road accidents across the country.

A total of 254 people were killed and 42 others injured in 270 railway accidents while 198 people were killed and 339 others injured in 90 waterway accidents in the country.

Ilias Kanchan, founder and chairman of Nirapad Sarak Chai, revealed the information at a press conference at the Jahur Hossain Chowdhury Hall of Jatiya Press Club on Saturday.

“Compared to the number accidents in 2020, accidents have increased by 21 percent in 2021. Though, offices, courts, shops and public transport remained closed due to corona restrictions, the number of road accidents was higher than we had expected in 2021,” he said.

Among the deceased, 4,507 were men and 1,182 women. A total 1292 people were killed in motorcycle accidents. Of the victims, 24 percent were motorcyclists and their pillion passengers.

The highest number of casualties was recorded in January last year. In just one month, 507 people were killed and 707 others injured in road accidents.

The report was compiled based on reports published in 11 national dailies, online portals, TV channels and branches of 'Nirapad Sarak Chai'.