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Curvy Ramganj-Sonaimuri road causes frequent accidents

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  • 8 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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LAKSHMIPUR: The curvy Ramganj-Sonaimuri regional highway in Lakshmipur district causes frequent accidents, killing people round the year.

Dense bushes from either sides of the road have covered it, making the curve of the motorway undetectable for running vehicles.

As a result, vehicles coming from the opposite directions cannot be seen while plying the road.

Danger also lurks on the road for the pedestrians as there is no sideway for their movement.

According to the sources, eight people have been killed and more than 100 permanently disabled of nine road accidents in the last one year on this 10 km curvy road. Although the people’s representatives, politicians and the general public have appealed to clear all these bushes on the roads, the Roads and Highways Department has not taken any necessary steps.

It can be seen on the spot, the road is full of small and big trees and bushes of different species including bamboo bushes. There are many curves -- Alipur, Kazirkhil and Hanubaish — due to the bushes, the sides are not visible. At that time, Safiqul Islam Patwary, Liton Patwary, Abu Taher Patwary and many others from Alipur village said that suddenly cattle and goats got up on the road causes serious accidents.

Muksud, son of Ruhul Amin of Somespur village, was killed on the spot when a bus hit him while walking on the road side. At least eight people, including Rocky and Hashem, were killed in eight to nine accidents in Alipur, Kazirkhil, Ansar BDP camp and Hanubaish areas. Authorities of the Roads and Highways Department are pretending not to see. Although authorities have been informed about this, they are not taking any action.

Drivers Joynal, Shah Alam, Manik Mia said, driving on this road is now becoming dangerous. Turning to this side, nothing can be seen for the bushes on the other side. Suddenly cows, goats and foxes come up on the road. This makes it difficult to control the vehicles and has to admit to the serious accident.

AKM Ruhul Amin, former chairman of Ramganj Upazila Parishad and general secretary of Upazila Awami League said, “I personally applied a year ago to straighten the dangerous bends of the regional highway and clear the bushes.” Many road accidents are happening due to not turning the road straight and clear.

Mozammel Haque, Sub-Assistant Engineer of Ramganj Upazila Roads and Highways Department, said that the bushes on both sides of the road have become overgrown, making it difficult for vehicles and pedestrians to move. Necessary steps will be taken soon to solve this problem.