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Boro seedbeds being prepared in Narail

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  • 7 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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Boro seedbeds being prepared in Narail

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NARAIL: Farmers of the district are preparing seedbeds to develop Boro paddy seedlings in all three upazilas of the district this season.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) office sources said over 48,490 hectares of land would be brought under Boro paddy cultivation this year with a production target of at least 2,12,537 tonnes of rice.

The department has set a target to prepare seed bed on over 2,921 hectares of land to produce Boro paddy seedlings. Now, the farmers are passing a busy time preparing the seedbed on low lands.

High quality seed of Boro paddy like BRRI Dhan-28, BRRI Dhan-29, BRRI Dhan-50, BRRI Dhan-58, BRRI Dhan 89, BRRI Dhan 81, BRRI Dhan 74 and hybrid varieties are being distributed to the farmers at reasonable rates through Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) and other private firms approved by Seed Certification Agency of the government.

Besides, many of the farmers have taken preparations to make seedbeds by sowing their own seed not depending on BADC and local markets as they received training on seed preservation from the DAE field level officials, said Md Abdullah Al-Mamun, district training officer of the DAE.

The DAE officials advised the farmers not to buy fake and substandard seed from the shops except BADC and government approved dealers, sources said.

Deputy Director of DAE Narail, Dipak Kumar Roy said the field level sub assistant agriculture officers were instructed to motivate the farmers to collect healthy seeds from BADC and government approved dealers.