Monday, 17 January, 2022

Full-length documentary on Hajong community

Full-length documentary on Hajong community

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‘Hajong Der Jibon Sangram’, a documentary on the indigenous Hajong community, has been made recently. Based on the poem of poet and lyricist Sujan Hajong, the documentary has been directed by Shohel Rana Boyati.  

About the project, Sujan Hajong said, “In my poetry, I have showcased the history, culture and tradition of Hajong people and the courageous sacrifice of martyred Hajong Mata Shahid Rashimoni. Shohel Rana nicely depicted the poem in the documentary. It is a full-length documentary on  Hajong Community.”  

Shohel Rana said, “The contribution and courage of Hajong people in anti-British movement, the partition of India, the Liberation War of Bangladesh and their struggle after war inspired me to do the documentary. I have been seeing their life from very close in different parts of the country for two years. We have recently done the filming of the documentary.”  

The documentary has been produced by Birishiri Tribal Cultural Academy, Netrakona. A special screening of ‘Hajong Der Jibon Sangram’ will be held on January 31, 2022 on the occasion of Hajong Mata ‘Shahid Rashimoni Dibosh’.

The Cinematography of the documentary has been done by National Film Award-winning cinematographers Kamal Chandra Das and Ashik Masud.

The Hajong people are an ethnic group from Northeast India and northern parts of Bangladesh. The majority of the Hajongs is settled in India and is predominantly rice farmers. They are said to have brought wet-field cultivation to Garo Hills, where the Garo people used the slash and burn method of agriculture.