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Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Creation of spl zone sparks criticism

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  • 30 December, 2021 12:00 AM
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Creation of spl zone sparks criticism

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Setting up a ‘special zone’ for women and children on Cox’s Bazar sea beach has provoked public controversy. 

Social media are flooded with angry posts of the cross section of people while women’s rights activists have termed it as an attempt to cage women.  

Sultana Kamal, a former adviser to the caretaker government and a human rights leader, said, “We are working to build a society of people who would be united on the basis of equality between men and women. The initiative for an equal society is the core spirit of the Liberation War. Such a decision is against that spirit. In the name of protection, the root of that spirit has been axed.”

Zobaida Nasrin, an associate professor at the Department of Anthropology at Dhaka University (DU), demanded that women’s safety be ensured in all public places, including tourist spots without any special arrangements. “Special arrangements for women and ensuring safety are not the same thing,” she said. Zobaida also said if a woman becomes victim in any way outside the ‘special zone’, she will have to face the question on why she was outside the protected area.

Aditi Sabur, an assistant professor of the Department of Women and Gender Studies at the DU, said the gender equality and the sustainable development would never be possible through creating such separate zone for women on the beach.

“Women are being brought back to that primitive age,” she said. Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner Md Mamunur Rashid inaugurated the 600-feet-long zone at Laboni Point of the beach at 11:00am on Wednesday.

According to district administration and tourist police, the newly opened zone, which is designed for women, will have full-time female tourist police members to ensure security.