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Corona vaccination at ward level soon

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  • 30 December, 2021 12:00 AM
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Corona vaccination at ward level soon

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The government will start administering coronavirus vaccine among people in ward level across the country for bringing maximum people under the vaccination programme within short time to keep the country’s coronavirus situation under control.

“We will start administering at least four crore doses of vaccine in every month from the next month.  To this end, we are taking initiative to inoculate people with coronavirus vaccine in each ward of the country from the next month,” health and family welfare minister Zahid Maleque said.

He came up with the information while speaking at 38th annual general meeting of Essential Drugs Company Limited (EDCL) at Dhaka Club in the capital on Wednesday.

“We have already arranged 31 crore doses of vaccine. Adequate number of vaccine is coming every month to our hand. It has been possible to administer a total of 12 crore doses of the vaccine that includes 7 crore doses as first dose and 5 crore as second dose,” the minister added.

Mentioning that the country needs a total of 28 crore doses of the vaccine to fill up the target of the vaccination including administering booster dose, he hoped that the government can fulfill target of the vaccination by next May-June in new year.

“We have already arranged 31 crore doses of vaccine. Though 28 crore doses of the vaccine have been administered to meet the target, additional three crore doses vaccine will remain in the hand. However, we have also administered the vaccine in school level and slum areas,” Zahid Maleque said.   Mentioning that the demand of the EDCL production has been increasing day by day, he said the EDCL is not self sufficient to meet the demand in home and abroad.

He said there are various problems of the EDCL including infrastructural weakness, lack of equipment and scarcity of factory space. “That's why a bill has been placed in ECNEC to build a state-of-the-art factory. It will be done quickly. Once these initiatives are completed, EDCL will be even stronger.”

The minister said the coronavirus situation remains under control as the government has set up 120 central oxygen system in 120 hospitals, set up a field hospital, increased number of hospital beds and arranged adequate drugs to ensure treatment of the coronavirus infection.

“The coronavirus infection pressure may increase again due to outbreak of new variant Omicron. In that case, vaccines alone cannot prevent the infection. We have to follow the proper rules of hygiene. Only then the coronavirus will not spread,” he said.