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Commercial cultivation of cashew nut in Chatmohar

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  • 28 December, 2021 12:00 AM
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Commercial cultivation of cashew nut in Chatmohar

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PABNA: Cashew nuts are being commercially farmed at Baruria village in Haripur union under Chatmohar upazila of Pabna district, after the successful cultivation of the nuts.

Although the climate of Bangladesh is quite conducive for the cultivation of cashew nuts, there is not much interest among the farmers in the cultivation of cashew nuts as there is no good system for selling, marketing and processing.

Cashew nuts are extremely nutritious and healthy. The government is working to expand cashew nut cultivation, as it is economically viable. Almond and coffee research development and expansion projects are underway through the Ministry of Agriculture. Under this project, two exhibitions have been set up at Baruria village of Haripur union of Chatmohar and Mulgram union. Chatmohar Upazila Agriculture Office is implementing two projects.

It has been found that Juice, vinegar and alcohol can be made from the fruit of the upper part of cashew nuts. Cashew nuts are in great demand in the international market. Almond shell oil is used in industry. As there is no good system for processing cashew nuts in our country, the produced cashew nuts are exported with husks.

As a result, cashew farmers in our country get lower prices. On the other hand, government have to import processed cashew nuts from abroad at higher prices. In the local market, per kg cashew nuts are being sold for a little less than one thousand Tk.

Iqbal Mahmud, chairman of Haripur Union Parishad, a cashew nut grower in Chatmohar, said that he has planted cashew nut seedlings in the middle of last September under the almond variety and technology exhibition. Chatmohar Upazila Agriculture Office is implementing the project. Many people from Chatmohar come to see the exhibition.

Cashew nuts play a vital role in building bones and teeth, preventing cancer, keeping the immune system healthy, lowering blood pressure, and eliminating anemia and fatigue. In addition, cashew nuts play a very beneficial role in keeping the heart healthy, helping digestion and bringing good sleep.

Chatmohar Upazila Agriculture Officer Masum Billah said the temperature to cultivate cashew nut is 25 to 26 degrees Celsius. Cashew nuts are best grown on high sandy or loamy soils. Seedlings of improved varieties are to be planted. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. If cashew nuts can be collected at the right time, it is possible to get 1.5 to 1.6 tonnes of cashew nuts per hectare. If properly processed, organic pesticides can be produced with the oil produced from cashew nut shells. In addition, good quality organic manure can be made from cashew nuts. The hask that can be obtained after extracting the oil from the husk is also an excellent organic fertiliser.